From the recording Judy In Heaven (Remaster)

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J. you were torn…
“Let them swoon at the petals or balk at the thorns?
This court Periclean will someday adjourn.”
“Young traveller go and witness Bel!
A ruined ruin once dandled
By Ozymandias’ spell.
Relic adored that time befell.”

A ghost in a shell
Some energy beaming at somebody’s hell
It didn’t take much to see that you weren’t well
I see how they got you blue
High heeled shoes now stand in queue
Run ragged and stuffed with glue
You played the games they asked of you

Now Judy, go long!
You’re S-U-P-E-R-N-atural

It’s not that Judy was miffed
But she practically spent her whole life on a ship
She did some fine work but got no credit for it
Then the day came around
When they tried to put the old lady down
The boys in her band
Had to muster the sound
They gave their hearts and gave their word
She wouldn’t come to harm not her
Amplitude and phase choate
To strike the chords that resonate

Now Judy this is your song