From the recording Let's Dance On Our Bed

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Water beads in the corners of my eyes
Like beads on my window that fell from the sky
Some beads are placed on necklaces
and sold as merchandise
In countries where it doesn’t rain
and people hardly cry

Every day is just another day I wait
Reciting words that I will say
While picturing your face
Some words are written on note cards
and studied for good grades
I get straight As

You whispered over phone I’m almost home
and by the time I get to Boston we should spend sometime alone

I’ll trade my body for the air
The kind you can’t see
Constantly caressing you
In places gone unseen
I’m here to help preserve your life
and give you what you need
So just breathe

I felt like a seasoned carpenter
Gaining fame in the trade
This house I build was for you alone
Together we made it our home
Surviving every storm that came our way
While learning from all of our past mistakes
There’s a history between you and me
and if we look ahead it’s not hard to see
The future colored in so vividly
You are standing on shore next to me

So let’s dance on our bed like when we were young
and sing along to lyrics of all our favorite songs
Life is no fairytale and we’re still figuring out things happen because
We’re in love