1. Hands and Feet

From the recording Our Love Is Bliss

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Pickled toesies the creek makes prunes
In the sweet warm summer when I sat next to you
We had dipped them into an algae brew
And while those fishies swarmed and gnawed
I deciphered the tacit looks you threw

Pickled beets smudged a reddish hue
And our lip-smack lick did the best it could
But the guilt it was there and it was understood
Our love hung out but not left to dry
Go to bed red hand, man you caught me good

Just then the bount’ of the sun began to wane in might
And the shawl you had employed did not suffice
What ho! What useful hands and feet
We’ll use them both indeed
Do you care to stroll with me?

Past the old grist mill, past the white chapel, the steed
Past the one room school, to the poet’s inn. Retreat
To a warming meal to a warming drink we’ll be
Complete in love and completely complete