From the recording Our Love Is Bliss

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We wear our fashion proud
And if we’re not too loud
We can escape
From the city’s verisimilitude
Dive in what’s left of youth
And drown in its depths

You’re a beautiful girl
And you privy me all your world

All boundless and free to roam
In the beastliest bungalows
We’ll find our home
With no need to communicate
Our bodies inosculate
In the deafness of love

For you nose, lips, and chin
Each kiss melts each sin
And the power of man
Shrinks the vastness of land
From the deadness of dawning
To the ripeness of the end
And if winter gets harsh
Just know you are loved more than enough

For when our summer’s greened the wood
We’ll linger on Gable’s hood
And add to his heat
And know Rochester and Boston found
The stiffness has fled the town
Like diseased bees

Knowing honey on wounds
Both heals and tastes good
And the forests alive
Still curing our minds
With its river overflowing
We have everything right
And with tea on the stove
We’ll retire our bones
To the knowledge that we are finally alone
And I’ll see you in the morning