1. Lullaby

From the recording Our Love Is Bliss

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A baby girl
With golden bear
Sits all alone
And tugs her hair
A laptop’s glow
And strained eyed stare
Arch ‘cross her face
No smile there

She feels the weight
Of everyday
The stretching thin
Of each week’s wage
Her furrowed brow
And glassy gaze
Fear night’s approach
And sleep’s malaise

But if I had my way
I would keep her as a child
All afresh with wonderment
Unfettered by stress and strife
And with the sweet adventuring
And wistful acumen we share
I’d compose a lullaby
And sing to her a she lie there:

No broken hearts
No sick sad tones
All diamond rings
Cool geode stones
Tall trees to climb
Meadows to explore
Sunrays on our skin
To keep us warm

One heating pad
One gentle kiss
One sparkling thought
Hold on to it
I’ll stay up for you
I’m keen to watch you dear
For the rest of our lives
I’ll be right here